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We are 2 fathers on a mission to provide an enjoyable learning experience for our children. While we developed the initial concept for Brainy Warriors, we realise the potential of this tool and believe we can contribute to our future generation by sharing our creation to all children eager to learn.

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I am a parent

If you are a parent, you can have access to the parent page. But first you need to link to your children’s account.

First you have to sign up to Brainy Warriors for your children.

Once you have done that, sign back into your account. In the help dialog, click on “Where’s my family?

You should initially see no connections. Click on “Edit”.

Click on “Add Child” and input the user name of your child’s account.

You are halfway there and you should see the connection is pending.

To protect your children, we do not send any connection requests to your child. Instead the child has to explicitly add their parents. So sign in as your child and follow the steps above, except this time click on “Add Parent” and fill in the user name of the parent.

Now sign back in as the parent and again go to "Where is my family?" You should now see that you are connected.

Parent Page

Having linked your child to your account you can now control your child’s curriculum and analyse their progress.

As you launch the app you should now see "Parent Page" on the top right corner.

Or follow this link here

We recommend you bookmark this page if you are a parent.

You can now see your child’s progress.

You can click on a particular test to see what they are struggling with.

Click on the middle tab to view and customise their spelling list.

You could either click on a list to edit/delete it or click on “Add” to add a new list.

Similarly you could customise the numeracy test your child receives.

You could also generate sample questions just to make sure the difficulty is at a right level for you child.

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